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Do people still mention that thrid grade yearbook photo? Does your Driver's license make you look like a cross-eyed carnival attraction? Save your profile images from the same fate with some 8-bit style creative kung-fu.


Create classic game style characters with pixel perfect precision

Show off your arcade inspired avatars on twitter with a touch

conquer all your profiles with easy export options

Available on the App Store


Classic game graphics were all about the pixels. Draw using familiar tools and unique pixel precise control.

Level up your profile

Upload your characters directly to your Twitter profile or send a tweet to share with our freinds.

Invade the intertubes

Export your characters in multiple sizes and upload them to any of your favorite sites.

Design pixel versions of your favorite characters or concoct something completely unique.

  • BlockHead twitter screen
  • BlockHead tweet screen
  • BlockHead canvas screen
  • BlockHead pallette screen
  • BlockHead export screen
  • BlockHead info screen
  • BlockHead score screen

Blockhead pix cleared my rash right up. Now I can go out in public again. Thanks Blockhead!* - Dan Saul Knight

Sonce I got Blockhead pix my thighs are toned and muscular. And it only takes 15 mins a day!* - Ms. Iona Llama

I feed my cat banana peels. It keeps the robots from stealing all my rollerskate wheels.* - Bartholomew Maximillian Smith

* Results may vary. Do not use while sleeping. Any simularity with persons living or dead is an accident. The makers of Blockhead in no way endorse the robot overlord theory.